Baking People Happy

Bespoke cakes for special occasions. Order your birthday cake from us!

Price Guide

All the cakes at Baking People Happy are individually designed so each cake will be priced differently. There are some examples below with sizes, servings and prices to give you a guide to how much different cakes and cupcakes cost.

Many hours are spent planning, baking, filling and decorating your cake to make sure you receive a cake of the highest standard.

The price will depend on two factors;

  1. Size of the cake. Cakes start at £40 for a 3 layer 6 inch cake without decoration.
  2. Design and decoration of the cake. Each decoration is priced separately depending on the cost and the time it takes to make. Hand carved 3D cakes take longer to design, make and construct so on average cost approximately 20% more.

Cupcakes are priced separately but on average cost £15 for a box of 6 and £25 for a box of 12. 

All cakes and cupcakes are to be collected at an arranged time from the Baking People Happy premises at Holmfield Mill and will be packaged for transport. Cakes come on a cake drum and will be packaged in a cake box. All cupcakes will be packaged in a cupcake box.


Portion Guide

Our standard cakes are a minimum of 3 layer deep to give elegance and height to our cake designs and also allow for slightly more generous portions. A typical serving  for wedding cake slices is 1" x 2" but for birthday cakes is 2" x 2".

The diagram above is a rough guideline as to how many servings you would get out of your cake, as my cakes are usually taller than average you may get more than stated. However if you are partial to larger portions of cake you will get less than stated.